Vista’s image-based install is great for hackers

Users hoping for pirated copies of Vole’s latest operating system Vista might find themselves downloading some heavy duty malware.In an interview with APC Magazine, a Volish technology specialist John Pritchard said that the installation process and the ease with which administrators can pre-install software into a Vista install DVD could be to blame.Pritchard said that pirated copies of Vista could easily come with malware preinstalled.

Vista’s installation process does not use an ‘installer’ and the install DVD is actually a preinstalled copy of Windows that simply gets decompressed onto a PC. Pritchard said that the DVDs installs a Windows Imaging (.WIM) file, which is basically the operating system folders wrapped up in an image file.

While users might think they are doing an install, what they are actually doing is grabbing the install.wim and executing that as an upgrade or clean install. Pritchard admitted that this meant that there was a bigger risk for malware to be injected into pirated Vista install DVDs.

The only way around this is to not have pirated DVDs and to know where you got your disk from, he said.

The pirates could easily have installed malware into the install files of Windows XP, but they didn’t.

APC Magazine

iPhone specs leak!

SOME SPECS are leaking about the Apple iPhone. If you don’t want to watch the video here, you can read the short spec list below.First it will be carrier independent and ‘small as sh*t’. It will have 2 batteries, one for the phone, one for the MP3 side, a slide out keyboard and a partial touch screen. It will be coming in two variants 4 and 8 gig for $249 and $449.

So, for all your fashion slave needs, look to Apple in January. If you want something that you will not be mocked for by people who did not drop out of art school, get one of these.

By theinquirer

The U.S. Air Force, Anti-Gravitation & UFO’s

by Dr. Pierre Gurin

(Specially written for Lumires Dans La Nuit and for Flying Saucer Review.) (Translated from author’s original text by Gordon Creighton.)

[Literally within less than a week after I had jotted down my revised thoughts on Roswell and Colonel Philip Corso (see Editorial), I was amazed to receive the following astonishing document from FSR’s old friend and ally, Dr. Pierre Gurin, one of France’s most distinguished astronomers, for many years actively engaged at the Pic du Midi Observatory in the Pyrenees and at the famous Institut d’ Astrophysique de Paris. In view of his eminence in his profession and his great knowledge and experience, I would suggest that we take very careful note of what Dr. Gurin now has to say. Dr. Gurin tells me that the article is appearing not only in Lumires Dans La Nuit, but also on the French Internet, and he has expressed the hope that FSR may be able to get my translation of it onto the English-language Internet too. G.C.]

As we all know, “Area 51” (otherwise called Groom Lake, in Nevada) is the most famous of the ultra-secret military bases of the United States.

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Download of the Day: i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder (Windows)

Long time ago, in pre-digital era, we have only one, but really universal method to record any sound we ever can hear, named tape-recorder. The method was quite dumb, but very reliable: after pushing Record button it has recorded really *anything*. And what we have now, with our cool-almighty-smart-digital computers? Have you software, which can with record equal success: you voice; sound from internet-radio you are listening; your lovely song from film you have seen on DVD or through TV-tuner; full sounds from game you are playing now; and so on? No? So, do you want to have such cool software? Do you want to have software helping you to digitize your old good LPs and tape cassettes? Do you want to have this software being cheap, small, fast and reliable? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the question, you would necessarily love i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder!

In fact, the best of i-Sound Recorder you can receive on needs to record sound with questionable quality: the software has very serious possibilities of filtering on low and high frequences. The former would help you make more celar the sound recorded from simple home microphone; the latter is a must when you are digitizing you old LPs. Moreover, for microphone recoring the software has lovely option of “Voice activation”, and on LP digitizing auto-dividing tracks on silence can be very helpful.

Meteorite may have seeded life

EDMONTONA meteorite stored at the University of Alberta may contain important clues about how life began on Earth. NASA researchers say the Tagish Lake meteorite has been found to contain organic compounds that formed in the distant reaches of space as the solar system was being born. The findings were revealed in a paper published by the researchers in the journal Science. The scientists say compounds such as those found in the meteorite may have been responsible for seeding the earth with the building blocks of life. While such compounds have been found in space debris before, scientists thought they had been picked up after the meteorite entered the atmosphere. But powerful nanotechnology instruments at the Johnson Space Center in Texas helped prove the compounds in the Tagish Lake material had formed in space. The meteorite is particularly important because it was collected almost immediately after it fell on the Yukon in January 2000 and has been preserved in its frozen state in Edmonton ever since.

Canadian Press

Hawking’s future is Serenity not Star Trek

By Stan Beer,

As far as Hawking is concerned, planet earth one way or another will meet its destruction. The way forward, however, is not to go boldly forth and meet alien civilizations a la Star Trek.
In Hawking’s future, humans will become space pioneers who tame and inhabit suitable planets outside our solar system, much like the Firefly series which features a team of space rebels aboard the space ship Serenity who make a living trading contraband between the outer colonies of a loosely knit federation of planets.

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No iPods for North Korea!

To punish Kim Jong Il for testing nuclear missiles, the Bush administration wants to keep iPods out of the hands of the North Korean leader and his supporters. On June 19, 2000, the U.S. eased economic sanctions against North Korea to improve relations and to encourage North Korea to refrain from missile testing. On Oct. 9 this year, in response to a North Korean missile test, President Bush said, “The North Korean regime remains one of the world’s leading proliferator[s] of missile technology, including transfers to Iran and Syria.

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7 Business Lessons From 007

Whatever images you conjure upon hearing those immortal words–world’s most dashing spy, ladies man with a license to kill, secret agent man with the best gadgets–the phrase “successful product” probably doesn’t come to mind.

But that’s exactly what it is. Since 1952, when Ian Fleming published the first Bond book, the British spy has been the focus of novels, the occasional obscure radio and TV production, a few ‘unofficial’ feature films, and 21 movies produced by EON Productions, spearheaded by Barbara Broccoli, who took over the business after her father, Albert (“Cubby”), passed away in 1996. And while Bond may be pure entertainment and a pop icon to most, at the risk of sucking all the joy out of one of Hollywood’s most enduring adventure heroes, he’s no different than Goodyear snow tires or Folgers coffee: Bond is a brand.

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Speed, Pitch, Scale: Until It Fits!

There are songs with which you just can’t catch up, no matter what you have tried and how hard have you forced you voice or limbs, if playing an instrument. Whether tuned in a different key (be that the instrument/s or even the throat, ha-ha-ha!) or playing at non-human speeds, these songs just won’t let themselves studied at home. And just when you were about to utter the final bad words before you gave up and throw away some things, discs or instruments or even both, someone rings in and tells you that the troubles are over and you’ll be studying no matter which part in no time, at the speed you like and rather tuning the song so it matches your key. Of course, some popped-out eyes are due but…is it true? It is, because that someone is me and I’m going to tell you about an extremely nice software, the AudioRetoucher.

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