The U.S. Air Force, Anti-Gravitation & UFO’s

by Dr. Pierre Gurin

(Specially written for Lumires Dans La Nuit and for Flying Saucer Review.) (Translated from author’s original text by Gordon Creighton.)

[Literally within less than a week after I had jotted down my revised thoughts on Roswell and Colonel Philip Corso (see Editorial), I was amazed to receive the following astonishing document from FSR’s old friend and ally, Dr. Pierre Gurin, one of France’s most distinguished astronomers, for many years actively engaged at the Pic du Midi Observatory in the Pyrenees and at the famous Institut d’ Astrophysique de Paris. In view of his eminence in his profession and his great knowledge and experience, I would suggest that we take very careful note of what Dr. Gurin now has to say. Dr. Gurin tells me that the article is appearing not only in Lumires Dans La Nuit, but also on the French Internet, and he has expressed the hope that FSR may be able to get my translation of it onto the English-language Internet too. G.C.]

As we all know, “Area 51” (otherwise called Groom Lake, in Nevada) is the most famous of the ultra-secret military bases of the United States.

Its existence is not officially recognized. The security perimeter around it has recently again been enlarged with a view to discouraging the efforts of curiosity-seekers equipped with binoculars or super-telescopic lenses who might be hoping to see UFOs flying there.

And in fact eyewitnesses have indeed, at night, seen strange luminous and silent craft flying there and executing trajectories that could not be the trajectories of aeroplanes.

We know of several cases of people who have apparently been subjected to brainwashing before they could go out from Groom Lake. In particular we will cite the cases of an RAF pilot who was in Nevada for training, and who inadvertently landed on the Groom Lake Base, and of an electrical engineer (Bob Lazar) who had been engaged to work there temporarily in secret Air Force hangars situated in the same zone.

Lazar, conscious of the absurdity of certain recollections that he had retained from his time there, stated that he had been ordered to work on repairing a UFO that had been recovered, and that as working equipment they had given him an ordinary electronic voltmeter without furnishing him with any sensible explanation, and that he had been able to have, and carry around with him, with impunity, a piece of the heavy transuranian Element 115 (unknown on Earth) serving as a base for the craft’s anti-gravitational (?) engine.

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