The U.S. Air Force, Anti-Gravitation & UFO’s

According to Keyhoe, in 1966, it had to be admitted that this research had still not been successful. But that they have not ceased and that they have even made progress is what we learn from an article in the very serious British review, JANE’S DEFENCE WEEKLY, which specializes in questions of defence and armaments around the world. I cannot do better than to quote some passages from this article from the review’s issue of June 10, 1995:

“Technicians who dabble in the interpretation of visions do not always get it right. Take this example from a specialist US aviation magazine in 1956: “We’re already working with equipment to cancel out gravity”, Lawrence D. Bell, founder of the company that bears his name, was quoted as saying. Bell, apparently, was not the only one working in this field. others said to be seeking to master this arcane ‘science’ included the Glenn L. Martin Company, Convair, Lear, and Sperry Gyroscope. Within a few years, so we were assured, aircraft, cars, submarines, and power stations would all be driven by this radical new propulsion technology. Sadly, it was not to be”.

The rest of the article passes in review of the various accomplishments in the realm of American futuristic aircraft derived from “black projects” (i.e. projects financed from funds free of any parliamentary control). In its conclusion, the article tackles more specifically the question of the very secret activities that are carried on at Groom Lake:

BEYOND 2001.

Groom Lake, Nevada, is the epicentre of classified USAF research into Stealth and other exotic aerospace technologies. Several years after the collapse of the Soviet threat, activity and investment at this remote, highly secret air base (so secret that its presence is, as yet, unacknowledged by the U.S. Government) is till on the increase.

While research into less sensitive technologies (such as two-dimensional thrust-vectoring and advanced short take-off and vertical landing, ASTOVL) are pursued in the open at nearby Edwards AFB in California, Groom Lake is set to hang onto its secrets. The USAF’s recent confiscation of 1600 hectares of public land bordering the facility is consistent with the Pentagon’s desire to maintain its lead in quantum leap technologies some of which, according to well qualified observers in and around the Nevada area, defy current thinking into the predicted direction of aerospace engineering.

That aerospace companies continue to look at highly radical alternative air vehicle concepts is evidence of the ongoing quest for breakthrough designs.

Glimpses into this world are rare, but provide some insight into likely 21st century research activity. The 1990 unclassified “Electric Propulsion Study” (a quest for an anti-gravity propulsion system by another name) conducted by the USA’s Science Application International Corp on behalf of USAF’s (then) Astronautics Laboratory at Edwards AFB, shows that USAF’s visionaries are still being given free rein.

Until recently, BAe also provided internal resources for its own anti-gravity studies, and even went so far as to outline this thinking with artists’ concepts a case of Lawrence Bell’s vision not being so wide of the mark after all.

Before he died, Ben Rich, who headed Lockheed’s Skunk Works from 1975 to 1991, was quoted as saying: “We have some new things. We are not stagnating. What we are doing is updating ourselves, without advertising. There are some new programmes, and there are certain things -some of them 20 or 30 years old- that are still breakthroughs and appropriate to keep quiet about. Other people don’t have them yet”.

Thirty years from now, we may still not know the half of what is currently being tested in and around Groom Lake. -JDW.

As one can see, this text refers very clearly to certain entirely new research that represents “a leap into the unknown”. This research, launched with the help of big American industrial firms (plus, according to Keyhoe, several universities), is said to be directed in particular at “antigravitational propulsion” (baptised as “electrical propulsion” and we shall soon see why) and is said to have commenced soon after the end of World War II.

According to the text, this research would have quite rapidly yielded some results which are still kept completely secret, and are unknown to other countries, without our being told clearly whether antigravity properly called has yet been mastered, and whether or not certain of the machines tested at Groom Lake are already utilising this method of propulsion – but there is independent suggestion of this in the descriptions given by eyewitnesses positioned around the Base, and to whom we have referred above.

Obviously there is no mention in the article of the allegation made by certain American ufologists dubbed as “the Lunatic Fringe”, such as John Lear, according to whom aliens are said to be occupying underground laboratories in the Groom Lake Base, and allegedly are giving the American Military scientific and technical help in exchange for silence about the mutilations of animals and the abduction of humans.

It is all going on as if there is under way a progressive preparation of American and world opinion for the announcement of major advances -and obviously of purely terrestrial origin in aerospatial science and technology, carried out in the greatest secrecy by the USA (and possibly Great Britain) over the past 30 years or more. Antigravity, it is indicated, would be at the core of this research.

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