Download of the Day: i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder (Windows)

Long time ago, in pre-digital era, we have only one, but really universal method to record any sound we ever can hear, named tape-recorder. The method was quite dumb, but very reliable: after pushing Record button it has recorded really *anything*. And what we have now, with our cool-almighty-smart-digital computers? Have you software, which can with record equal success: you voice; sound from internet-radio you are listening; your lovely song from film you have seen on DVD or through TV-tuner; full sounds from game you are playing now; and so on? No? So, do you want to have such cool software? Do you want to have software helping you to digitize your old good LPs and tape cassettes? Do you want to have this software being cheap, small, fast and reliable? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the question, you would necessarily love i-Sound WMA MP3 Recorder!

In fact, the best of i-Sound Recorder you can receive on needs to record sound with questionable quality: the software has very serious possibilities of filtering on low and high frequences. The former would help you make more celar the sound recorded from simple home microphone; the latter is a must when you are digitizing you old LPs. Moreover, for microphone recoring the software has lovely option of “Voice activation”, and on LP digitizing auto-dividing tracks on silence can be very helpful.

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