Asset Management. What Is It, and How Can It Help Me?

What is Asset Management? These days, nearly every organization uses computers, printers, fax machines, and other assets. In most organizations, the IT department (the department in charge of the organization’s computers and information processing) handles the assets.

How to Implement Successful Help Desk

In any organization, employees encounter problems with their computers, printers, and other machines. These include hardware breakdowns, software problems, computer viruses, printers running out of paper, and more. In medium to large organizations, an IT department will deal with such problems. This article discusses how IT can achieve easy, efficient methodologies for this task.

Help Desk Software Functions

But how do help desks normally work? What are the typical functions? Why have software? These are all valid and important questions… and questions that should be periodically considered even when a help desk is already established and functioning. Hopefully, this section will answer these and other related questions.