The U.S. Air Force, Anti-Gravitation & UFO’s

Such sorts of scarcely credible assertions unfortunately managed to fool a few naive ufologists but, above all, they also served to ridicule Ufology in the eyes of sensible people and – more particularly – to discredit the rumours about the repairing of recovered UFOs at Groom Lake or the manufacture there of copies of UFOs, which doubtless was the purpose intended.

It is worth noting that Lazar remembers having had to drink liquids and to submit to sessions of hypnosis when he was working at Groom Lake.

As for the R.A.F. pilot, he was kept at the Base for several days, and when he came out he had amnesia and could no longer even remember his own name!


That this Base does exist, nobody can deny, and for good reason. And matters have now reached the stage that, from time to time, in specialized journalistic circles, certain reports on the activities carried on there even appear officially. Firstly, it is recognized that they are developing the hypersonic aircraft of the future there.

They state explicitly that these planes will be at least 15 years ahead of those already existing elsewhere in the world, and that the details of their performance will not be divulged before that same number of years have elapsed.

Nevertheless a few secrets have leaked out about one of these aircraft -AURORA, said to attain Mach 8 in the stratosphere.

The American authorities have recently laid on an ‘Open Day’ – assuredly of course not at Groom Lake itself, but on the Nellis Base, which surrounds it – in order to show to a selected public – certain of these aircraft, grounded, but assuredly not the most futuristic ones!

(One may wonder whether this operation was not just another means of ‘defusing’ the rumours about the presence of UFOs at Groom Lake or at other U.S. bases?)

The aircraft displayed were filmed by a team of reporters from French Television (FRANCE 2).

Seen in profile, the machines shown could vaguely evoke the idea of “flying saucers”, but they weren’t “flying saucers”. It was more a question of “flying wings”.

However fast these machines may be, they still behave – at any rate until proof to the contrary is forthcoming – in accordance with the classic laws of physics, although it has already been suggested (Aviation Week and Space Technology, March 9, 1992) that the B-2 was using an anti-gravitational system when flying at high altitudes. In any case, these aircraft aren’t copies of UFOs. There is no indication that they can hover silently or zigzag at supersonic speed without producing any shock-wave. Numerous people have seen AURORA flying in the sky over the American South-West. This aircraft seems to be driven by ramjets. It has been said that it “richochets along on the air”, no doubt because it leaves behind it a string of little condensations and emits a pulsed roar.

Assuredly its conception derives from a state-of-the-art technology that is indeed far in advance of what exists elsewhere, but there is no evidence to prove that the AURORA is equipped with an antigravitational system and even less reason still to indicate that it could perform hypothetical spatio-temporal ‘short-cuts’ such as the UFOs seem to know how to do.

Yet, nevertheless, among the reports, true or false, that trickle out into industrial and political circles about secret American research in the realm of flying machines, there are some that speak specifically of the study of flight by antigravitational means. (For a very long time past there have been ufologists who,though having no proof of it, have suggested this type of propulsion for the UFOs, for it could account for certain aspects of their movement).

In his book Les Etrangers de l’Espace* (The Strangers from Space) Donald Keyhoe reported that, at the beginning of the 1960s, a certain “PROGRAMME G” had been started up in the United States, mobilizing 7 aeronautical firms and 21 American and foreign universities – including the celebrated M.I.T., with a view to the discovery and the exploitation of the principle of Antigravity.

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