New audio recorder software for audiophiles

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog. This is explained by the fact that there are too few significant changes in the software. Perhaps the only update in my collection is the Audiophile Sound Recorder, which replaced the i-Sound Recorder. The main reason was the purchase of a new 4K display, on which the old recorder looked too small, and the new one is automatically scaled.

Streaming audio recorder for Windows 8

After upgrade to Windows 8, I discovered that my software to record streaming audio does not work anymore. There were some problems with the installation of the virtual driver. Google search gave links to the same program itself.
Only on the second attempt I was able to find a wonderful streaming audio recorder that is compatible with Windows 8, as well as with the old Windows XP.

How to Implement Successful Help Desk

In any organization, employees encounter problems with their computers, printers, and other machines. These include hardware breakdowns, software problems, computer viruses, printers running out of paper, and more. In medium to large organizations, an IT department will deal with such problems. This article discusses how IT can achieve easy, efficient methodologies for this task.

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Help Desk Software Functions

But how do help desks normally work? What are the typical functions? Why have software? These are all valid and important questions… and questions that should be periodically considered even when a help desk is already established and functioning. Hopefully, this section will answer these and other related questions. Continue reading

What are the best ways to spot shareware apps?

You can decide which of these should be in the top 10.

1. Buy now?
2. Registration Screen on ‘Start-Up’.
3. No ‘Help’ files.
4. It’s a beta version, and all other apps on the site are shareware.
5. The PayPal banner takes up half the header on the page.
6. Favored freeware that does one thing very well and then quickly evolves
WAY beyond the scope of its original design.
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